Tiffney Laing

Tiffney Laing, combines creativity, entrepreneurism, and a commitment to social justice to produce socially relevant educational toys for children. Tiffney is the founder of Bevy and Dave, her award-winning educational company formed to change the narrative of Black history for young learners. In her story, Tiffney shares her frustration with the narrow focus found in school textbooks and educational material: teaching Black history tends to focus on slavery and oppression but downplays the many achievements, inventions and contributions of the Black community. Tiffney harnesses the power of the marketplace and educational curriculum to make a positive change not only in Chester city but globally. Most recently, Bevy and Dave has developed multimedia educational products for parents and educators.

Tiffney’s Story

In Black history, there are so many contributions and so many achievements. And those stories are just not being told. So, it’s important for children to be inspired to be their best selves, to contribute great things to the world, and, particularly for black kids, to be excited about their heritage.

Tiffney Laing

Tiffney speaks on the importance of Black history educational toys