Sister Tara Watts

Sister Tara Watts’ many roles — a woman of faith, a mother and wife, and a licensed clinical social worker, to name a few — collectively shape her approach to making positive changes in Chester city. Her holistic approach to working with childhood trauma, for example, draws upon her own personal experiences with loss, hope and purpose. Working with children who have directly and indirectly experienced violence calls for sensitivity, maturity, and a stable sense of self that Tara embodies and conveys.

As Tara’s story reveals, her hard work as a therapist stems from her ability and willingness to understand the complex ways children deal with crisis.

Sister Tara’s Story


And it always goes back, for me, to that golden rule : treat others as you want to be treated.

Sister Tara

Sister Tara shares words of healing and support at the 2022 virtual Martin L. King, Jr Day of Service produced by the YES Center and co-sponsored by Chester Made, January 17th.