Rev. Dr. Lisa Dennis

Lisa Dennis, is the ‘go-to’ person when it comes to finding creative ways to bring out the best of Chester to tackle issues of crime and violence and their consequences for families and communities. As the City’s Community Liaison Director for over 18 years, she is now actively leading the Chester Chaplains Corps, connecting police, clergy and community on a daily basis. Lisa is well aware of Chester’s crime problems, the complexities of their causes, and their impacts on residents, especially young people. Such awareness is important, but Lisa is a problem-solver. She spends her time and energy tapping into Chester’s best attributes – its people – to devise and implement creative programs that bring solutions though community engagement and ongoing opportunities for dialogue.

Chester’s only a little less than four miles long from the East to the West side. So resources that we have, and, in spite of what is said on the outside, I’m concerned about what people on the inside, are saying. I’m concerned about it. I realized that What Chester Makes, Makes Chester

Lisa Dennis

As a lifelong Chester resident, Lisa is familiar with the strong ties and bonds that connect families and neighborhoods – often referred to as “Chester spirit.” This community asset is the source of preventing violence, healing and overcoming trauma, and making lasting changes for the better.

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As the city’s Police Chaplain and minister at her church, Lisa brings compassion to her many solutions-focused programs developed over the past decades: bereavement and healing, ex-offender reentry, veterans outreach, and youth anti-violence initiatives. Among her accomplishments are several anti-violence and community- healing initiatives, including her work with the Weed & Seed Program, Chester R.E.A.L Change, and the Community Safe Corridors programs. In addition to serving as community liaison and police chaplain, Lisa is a published author and songwriter and holds a master’s degree of strategic leadership from Neumann University and a doctorate of theology. She brings her compassion, talents, and expertise to bear to get things done and make positive changes in Chester city.

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Brenda Wilson March 7, 2022 Reply

Amen,Amen,Amen! I thank God for Chaplin Dennis. I had the pleasure of meeting and knowing her through the First Pentecost School of Ministry. She is truly a wonderful and blessed Woman of God!

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