Dr. Kristin Motley

Chester’s teachers, organizers, community mentors have always sought to influence young people to excel and give back in ways big and small to their community. Chester-born and raised, Dr. Kris Motley, experienced and fondly recalls this influence. While attending pharmacy school in Florida and later completing her residency in Georgia, she foresaw a career which would support and give back to her hometown. In 2010 Kris founded Health Care Solutions of Delaware Valley to help fixed-income households to get their prescription medications for free or at a low cost. Soon, her company expanded to assist seniors with keeping track of their medications (medication therapy management) and sponsor community outreach events focused on wellness monitoring and preventing diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. With the onset of COVID-19, Kris promotes vaccine awareness and offers pop-up vaccination events in Chester city. Kris’s ongoing efforts to address pressing health care concerns in Chester embodies her can-do philosophy of practical, everyday change making.

… that’s what Chester women do: We make things happen. And that’s what Miss Bennett did: she made things happen. Through her legacy and through the legacy of so many amazing women in Chester, we will continue to just make things happen.”

Dr. Kris Motley