Kearni N. Warren

Kearni Warren knows social activism is a vocation that demands complete dedication, steadfast discipline and just plain hard work. Kearni is quick to attribute how she came to know this as a young girl, assisting her mother, Bernice Warren, and other community leaders in her family. Because of her many achievements, including an unwavering commitment to uniting activism, organizing and ministry, the Reverend Bernice Warren’s legacy remains celebrated and much-admired in Chester city.

As an author, Kearni acknowledges her mother’s legacy. As a change maker, Kearni builds upon it, as her many efforts fighting for progressive changes in her hometown demonstrate. In 2018, she founded the Caregiver Society – an organization reflecting her years of experiences as a caregiver to her elders, a desire to support the spiritual, mental, and physical needs of home care workers, and her dedication to advancing the rights of hidden labor. She worked as a political organizer and lobbyist for the Service Employees International Union Healthcare Pennsylvania (SEIUHCPA) and United Home Care Workers of Pennsylvania, where she fought for living wages for homecare and other domestic workers. Recently, Kearni served on Pennsylvania’s Covid -19 Racial Equity Task Force Subcommittee to support outreach for vaccine hesitancy and the state’s Department of Health’s Covid-19 Response Team.

In 2021, Kearni mounted an historic run for city council as Chester’s First Green Party challenger. She is the Philadelphia Area Organizer for the Energy Justice Network, where she works with grassroots organizations on combatting environmental racism and, closer to home, Chester’s trash burning incinerator.

In 2015 Kearni interviewed her mother, Rev. Bernice Warren, who served as minister, activist, pastor, and Executive Director of Chester Eastside.


Stanley Dawson March 22, 2022 Reply

Kearni Warren, you are truly amazing and a great humanitarian. Your Trax record speaks for itself. Ms.Bernice Warren is up in heaven rooten you onward to victory. Keep up the awesome work you do for the city of Chester. ✊💜✊💜

Genale Rambler March 22, 2022 Reply

Hello Kearni.
The video of you alone was encouraging, enlightening and educational. I didn’t know all you have done throughout your life. You are an amazing woman. I am very proud of you.
I would love to read your book.

Your creativity in the way you tell the story of your home, in Chester, and the challenges, really provides the opportunity to visualize it through your eyes.

I am excited for you and what plans God has for your journey.


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